Posted by : Aakash Nepal Wednesday, April 3, 2013

 [Recommended way : Recommended (1) and (2)(checked & worked)]
***Try more than one of these four ways given below ***

So after hours of  errors we finally rooted the phone trying these 4 ways similar, and we would like to share to those who are interested what we have done.

Please check your phone looks and specs before you start and after finishing look the end of post for the last note too.

MyPhone A818 Duo Specs:

MyPhone A818 Duo

  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread
  • 650MHz Processor
  • GSM/EDGE Triband
  • 3.5-inch HVGA (320×480) Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Dual Sim / Dual Standby
  • Dual Camera: Rear – 3.2MP / Front – VGA
  • WiFi / Bluetooth / WAP / SMS / MMS
  • MP3
  • Multimedia Player / FM Radio 
  • 3.5mm Headset Jack
  • Pinoy Phone Apps / Java
  • Micro USB 2.0
  • MicroSD up to 16G
Some common terms here if you need to know :

What is Rooting and its benefits? —its like jailbreaking but its your Android phone, unlocking the capabilities of your Android device with the apps and tweaks that requires root access to the Android system. Its not necessary but if time came and you realized that you need to root your phone, then it must be it.

What is CWM recovery? – cwm is short for clock work mod recovery. All Android phones have recovery mode already but clock work mode is better and you can do more with CWM, like installing patches, updates, and tweaks on your device.

Rooting Methods: 


Recommended(1) method:                                                           

Follow the four simple steps to root MyPhone A818 Duo:

  1.  download 'oneclickroot' by clicking here
  2. Connect your MyPhone A818 Duo to the computer using your Micro-USB/USB cord
  3. Enable USB Debugging mode for your device:

    1. Go to your Settings App
    2. Go to Applications
    3. Go to Development
    4. Place a Check Mark on the box beside USB Debugging / Android Debugging
  4. Run One Click Root software than click ‘Root Now’
Note: One Click Root has been tested and guaranteed to work with the following models A818 Duo by software developers.if you don’t want to risk ‘bricking’ your MyPhone A818 Duo with other dangerous methods of rooting,One Click Root is the recommended way for you.

** If you didnt succeed try some other methods shown below which are surely somewhat complicated than this **

if you got sucess by this method,dont forget to check last note at end of the post
:( by Aakash Nepal :) (trying with you for more simplier methods)

1st way:                                                                                   

Alright, let's start on rooting the phone.

Disclaimer: This root may cause damage to your phone. But nothing happened on my phone, it even made it a great phone! ;-)

Here are the files and requirements needed to root MyPhone A818 Duo.
  1. Android SDK 
    • You may download the file here.
  2. Google USB Driver
    • The Google USB Driver can be download using the Android SDK.
    • For instructions on how to download Google USB Driver click here.
  3. SuperOneClick
    • I have no site to host the file but you may search Google for the file or click here. Check tomorrow and I will host the file somewhere. :-)
    • You may download SuperOneClick here.
    • There's no need to install SuperOneClick, you just need to unzip or extract the rar file.
  4. Make sure that your Phone is fully charge. We don't want the phone dying while performing root.
Step 1:
  • Install Android SDK in your computer after downloading.
    • The filename is installer_r20.0.1-windows.exe
Step 2:
  • Install Google USB Driver from Android SDK by following the instructions here .
  • Kindly check the screenshot below to ensure that you installed the driver correctly.

Step 3:

Connect your Myphone A818 Duo to your computer by USB cable.

You will now need to do some settings in your MyPhone A818 Duo
  • Go to Settings > Applications
    • Check "Unknown sources"

  • Go to Settings > Applications > Development
    • Check "USB debugging"
    • Check "Stay awake"

Step 4:

  • Open SuperOneClick Program. 
    • You will need to extract the file to a folder because I upload it as a compressed winRAR file.
  • Run SuperOneClick by clicking the "SuperOneClick.exe" Icon

  • SuperOneClick should be open now.

  • Click on "Root".

  • Answer "Yes" to the prompt, if there are any prompts. 
  • You will now have the Myphone A818 Duo rooted.
  • To check for successful root, search for the "SuperUser" Icon.

  • Install MTK CPU-Control Test from Google Play site and allow application for SuperUser access. You will now be able to adjust performance. Please note that I am only using the free version of MTK CPU-Control. It is working fine, no problem. The only difference from the full version is the little Ads shown at the bottom.

Post some comments if you have additional questions.

****if this doesn't help try this:****
                 click here
if you got sucess by this method,dont forget to check last note at end of the post
:( by Aakash Nepal :) (trying with you for more simplier methods)


2nd Way:[Recommended(2)]                                               

Guide For Rooting myPhone A818 more simplier

you need SuperOneClick | Mirror:
Before you connect your A818 device on your PC, be sure to enable USB Debugging.

Then connect your device on your PC. Run the SuperOneClick app then click on the ROOT button that you can see.

Rooting MyPhone A818 using SuperOneClick

you should be seeing something  on your screen. Reports say that the rooting process only takes 30 seconds to 1 minute.

That’s it! Enjoy your rooted MyPhone A818!

Problems? Errors? Failed Root? Stucked?

Be sure you had disabled your anti-virus. Re-extract the SOC files to make sure there arent any deleted files that is vital on the rooting process.
Be sure you had installed the Google USB Drivers. You can seek help from Google if you are lost on this process. Well, its almost all common sense.
Be sure you had enable USB debugging.

Note: Guaranteed to work on devices with same info like these:

Baseband version:
MAUI.11AMD.W11.37.SP.V32, 2012/01/13

Kernel Version:
robinlaw@SW3Server #2
Thur Mar 1 20: 10: 12 HKT 2012

Build Number:

Custom Build Version


Here’s another rooting method for MyPhone A818.

UnlockRoot 2.3 (LINK)
Phone USB Driver (LINK)

if you got sucess by this method,dont forget to check last note at end of the post
:( by Aakash Nepal :) (trying with you for more simplier methods)


3rd Way:                                                                                      

Guide For Rooting myPhone A818

  you need to download these files:

** if you have error in downloading these item google them**

SP Flash Tool extract once downloaded. This is the app used for flashing an Android phone.

MT65x3 USB VCOM driversextract then install. We need these drivers so that the phone will be read by the SP Flash Tool once connected to the PC.

CWM based Recovery this is the working CWM recovery (recovery.img) for the myPhone A818

MT6573_Android_scatter.txtwe need this scatter text file.

Root A818 –update file for rooting the A818.

Follow these steps carefully:

1)Once the drivers are properly installed and the SP Flash Tool is already extracted and accessible, turn off your myPhone A818 and remove its battery.

2)Run SP Flash Tool.

3)Click the Scatter-loading button and navigate to the downloaded MT6573_Android_scatter.txt file.

4)Be sure that the RECOVERY is the only one selected, click on it and browse on the downloaded recoveryNonTouch.img file.

5)Click the Download button and just ignore the warnings.

6)Attach the battery again and connect the phone, be sure not to turn it on yet.

**Wait for the process to complete. You will see a Green Circle with a label saying download okay. Normally, this process doesnt takes too much time and not more than 5 minutes as you were just writing a small-size recovery.img file.**

How to enter into CWM recovery
Follow these steps:

1)Be sure that your phone is turned off.

2_Press Volume up + Volume down and power button until a set of choices appears then just press the up button to enter recovery.

3)With the CWM recovery, you can easily make a full back-up of your phone. This is as well called as Nandroid back-up. Just be sure you have enough storage on your SD card. Just select Select backup and restore, then choose back up and wait for it to finish.

How to root myPhone A818
Follow these steps:

1)Copy the file on your SD card.
2)Enter CWM recovery.
3)Select install zip from sdcard, choose zip from sdcard, then locate
4)Select Reboot system now.

if you got sucess by this method,dont forget to check last note below
:( by Aakash Nepal :) (trying with you for more simplier methods)

. . . ..
Please select the black area to see the last note properly: 
Last note:
Download 'root checker application' from google play and check you are rooted or not....Best of luck..................
:( by Aakash Nepal :) (trying with you for more simplier methods)

                           This page is being slow and slow because it's day by day updated and we see many unsatisfied and satisfied users from this page. we had to make our users satisfied anyhow so we had to update post here:

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  1. Thanks for making this! : )

    1. You are welcome...and if you have anymore problem please feel free to post comments here..

    2. helo sir! how long time to wait to finish rooting in the superoneclick in my phone?

    3. it takes too much time to finish rooting in superoneclick? i'd tried it but it cant really work whats wrong?

    4. Check your drivers and ensure it is installed will go fine with of luck

    5. I cant root my phone myphone a818 duo v13, In the Shell root it says false and nothing is done. I do all the steps but nothing change please help me

    6. please try the new recommended way no 1,..sorry for late reply..i had to think of more easy way for you all .....
      :( by Aakash Nepal :) (trying with you for more simplier methods)

  2. can rooting make my phone be an ICS android version? sorry for this laim question im jut a kid

    1. Hmm..yea just as Aakash Nepal said you can flash(format) your mobile with new custom Roms.if you have low end devices( usually with less than 258 MB Ram ), you will experience speed and battery life problems in your mobile while adding ICS based custom Roms.but if you add low android based custom roms which are suitable for your mobile then you gonna rock.Remember after rooting your warranty voids.and if you miss some steps you may brick your device(device may not startup)

    2. No rooting doesn't make your phone ICS version but after rooting you can flash custom ICS based kernels and Roms on your mobile.Rooting can give you all freedom to make what you want on your mobile.

    3. can u find me any CUSTOM ROM for for myphone a818 duo??? this can be really help much tnx. . . . . .
      2.3.6 ginger
      . . . . . .

    4. Click the link up and be careful and read all instructions and limitations..

  3. thx for this post, like the other guy, du u have any custom rom for myphone a818 duo . . . . . . . .

    1. Try cyanogen mod 7.2 or if u get error try the given link

  4. any other link, like cm7 for myphone a818 duo???
    i'm newbie in this andriod, tnx. . . . . .

    1. hmm.. we havent seen cm7 for your phone ... we are sorry but you can still flash other roms..

  5. umm, i tried doing this but when i clicked root it says no signature was present? help :/

    1. install your phone driver again please.. and it may help u

    2. try 2 new ways in our updated post for rooting your myphone duo a1818..we are still in your support..

  6. i'd click the root but it did not root the phone,, i think its because of the "checking if rooted" part of description the result is false. please help! what should i do?

    1. Did you installed your driver again?? If not try it..and do u see superuser app on your phone now or not?if its not there,Your phone isn't rooted .we will try a new way to root your phone .. Keep checking here for updates to root your phone..

    2. Well for you i searched for you and found some thing which you should try .. If you get any problem pls let me know..
      1.Install Android SDK first, next Java Se Development Kit..
      - Run Adroid SDK Manager and Check Android SDK Tools and Google USB driver, then install the package..Google them if you want to download them.
      2. Connect your phone to PC
      3. make sure that you have set your Settings > Development > USB Debugging box checked. I also set Unknown sources checkbox one
      5. Run Superoneclick on the general tab click the root button and wait for it. 
      6. prompt will appear saying your phone is rooted

    3. [ADMIN] ... Read my post before you apply comment here .. But thank you,you have written my ways in shortcut....


    4. Check xda developers talking about your phone to root... Xda developers website is the best for all android helps...just click for the link up in my name... ADMIN

    5. try 2 new ways in our updated post for rooting your myphone duo a1818..we are still in your support..

  7. how to long is this gonna take to be rooted? please answer because i this its stuck

  8. how long is this gonna take to be rooted? please answer because i think its stuck

    1. if your mobile is working,no need to worry just restart your mobile and do these steps again

  9. someone hep..i have problem regarding the driver. i have installed it but the problem is my phone started charging thus making the the driver disappear or rather it is saying that the phone is not connected/

    1. Try to reinstall driver .check the link given up except my name for instructions.then if it doesnt work try to uninstall driver(instructions are given in that given link) and then reinstall it manually by downloading appropriate driver from the internet.

  10. its not working to me >.<

    i installed all correct drivers , readed carefully the steps ..

    but argh... no rooting happens ...

    1. did u try all three ways ???... if not please try...

  11. Thank you very much Sir! my phone just got rooted i tried the 3rd one.... not bad for a 14 yr old kid eh?... haha. :D anyways thank you very much sir... cheers God bless

    1. Welcome you too sir..if you need any help regarding any phone ..please ask us...we will try to help u anyhow with good solutions of all questions...

  12. I have a818 duo but it has a deffrnt kernel version,
    ( felixduan@sw3____server#1)
    Is there any zip to root it? Id tried the above zip and it doesnt work

    1. hmm..try using other rooting of luck ..and dont forget to try my these ways too..i will be seeing most appropriate software or methods for it too..but did u apply custom roms or not..and can i know ur kernel version please..

  13. may i know if its working in myphone a818i duo?
    i need to root myphone -KERNEL VERSION
    do u haveany tutorial like myphone.pls help me.

    1. the above tutorial may help u...i have seen many of the users not suceeding by the 1st way..but try it too..and try the recommended way..surely you will get it rooted like mine...

  14. I have e a818 duo but it has a deff. Kernel version,
    Its, felixduan@sw3_server#1.
    a818 rooter didn'trk on my device

    1. Try the way 3 from given post up by me..surely that way may help you in rooting your device..

    2. again new way is released hope you will try it..and you can contact me directly through emermgency contact in more menu

  15. are A818 duo and A818i duo the same?

  16. i cant find installer_r20.0.1-windows.exe intead r22 are they the same

    1. Just click the link up which is given instead of my name.if solved please let me of luck

  17. yung way 3 po ginamit ko pero bkit hndi gumana.. error po eh..

    1. Hmm..I don't understand your language sir,can you please tell me in English/German/Japanese/Hindi/nepali.

  18. hello! i rooted my phone but when i got to playstore it says "no connection" but i am connected thru wifi. i tried my browser and its working fine. what seems to be the problem? i hope you can help me.. thanks.. :)

    1. goto your mobile settings--apps-- playstore-- then click on clear data(of it ),close everything,then open play store and enjoy..this will work fine no need to worry..sometimes if your playstore is upgrading then also this bug happens to some you need to sometimes restart your phone..if this doesnt help please let me know..

  19. is myphone a818 the same as a818i?

    1. you need see the specification of that device as given above..if its same then their model is same...

    2. check this link out given above..

  20. everyone Please dont forget to try then new way which worked for most of phones here.. :)

  21. can't root says unguaranteed to root and i have to take the risk..but if i clicked the next step..still the same :( pls help sir aakash

    1. How about jailbreak.apk ..wait I will update that idea ...check Sunday of luck..I will try everything for you...when there is will , there is way....

    2. emergency/ requests can be made from here:November 21, 2013 at 5:26 AM

      In this website: goto 'more' and then goto 'emergency contact here' to make request very fast or contact us in emergency.Thank you :)

    3. okay sir aakash...i'll wait on sunday the new way to root my 818slim duo by using jailbreak.apk. don't have any idea yet about that apk way. thanks a lot...:) more power sir!

    4. We have got the alert we have updated this post for you all in this website ,just see the last part of the post given above to goto that updated post.
      Happy rooting.


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